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The Al Maqta Bridge Toll Gate, Abu Dhabi. Photo: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Within five days, a series of four gates in the capital is expected to start charging road tolls. But motorists say they have not yet received the sign up details that will allow them to top up their toll payment accounts.

“I keep checking with friends and family about whether they have signed up yet. No one I know with vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi has yet received their sign-in details,” K.H., 43, an Emirati government employee, told Gulf News.

The road toll system was first announced in July, and officials said four toll gates will become operational from October 15. They also said at the time that user accounts will be created automatically for Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles, and that the sign-up details will be sent by SMS to motorists.

Toll payment webpage

On the dedicated website created to manage toll payments, users who click ‘Create Account’ are asked if they have at least one Abu Dhabi-registered vehicle.

“Vehicle owners with at least one Abu Dhabi registered vehicles will not need to create an account: it will be automatically created for them. Ahead of Toll System activation, an SMS with account login detail will be sent to their mobile number, as registered with Abu Dhabi Police. For these users, Abu Dhabi registered vehicles will be auto-activated in their toll accounts. To activate non-Abu Dhabi registered vehicles they own, users must log into their accounts and do so manually,” the webpage reads.

However, none of the motorists polled by Gulf News reported receiving these login details.

Toll gates

“I cross the Shaikh Khalifa Bridge every day during my work commute, so I will definitely have to start paying the toll on the day the gate becomes operational. As soon as I heard that the payment webpage was live, I tried to sign up but found out that I needed login details. I have still not received them, and feel quite unprepared,” said M.L., 35, an engineer from Sri Lanka.

In addition to the toll gate on the Shaikh Khalifa Bridge, there are three other gates. One is located on Al Maqtaa Bridge, another on Shaikh Zayed Bridge and the last on Khaleej Al Arabi Road just beyond Mussaffah Bridge. One pass under the gates will be charged Dh4 during peak hours, and Dh2 during non-peak hours, Fridays and public holidays.

No fines for Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles

Transport regulator Integrated Transport Centre or ITC earlier said that users with Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles will not be fined if they pass a tolling point without sufficient balance in their account. Instead, these unpaid tolls can be paid off when renewing the annual vehicle registration.

But motorists said they would rather pay the tolls every time they pass the gates instead of having to pay a large amount when renewing the vehicle registration.

Vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi

Several motorists have complained on the ITC’s Facebook page about sign-up glitches, including registration concerns from those with vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi. For such vehicles, there is a Dh100 registration fee per vehicle, as well as fines if the vehicle is not registered and the toll is not paid within 10 days of passing a tolling point.

One motorist with a vehicle registered in Dubai said he was unable to create an account.

“I keep getting messages that say something went wrong,” he added.

The ITC has not responded yet to Gulf News queries about these registration glitches.

Abu Dhabi Toll System

Operational from October 15, 2019

Four tolling points: Al Maqtaa Bridge, Shaikh Zayed Bridge, Shaikh Khalifa Bridge and Al Khaleej Al Arabi, past Mussaffah Bridge

Toll charges

Dh4 during peak hours between Saturday to Thursday (7AM to 9AM, and 5PM to 7PM). Dh2 during non-peak hours, Fridays and public holidays. Maximum toll of Dh16 per vehicle per day

Toll exemptions

A few vehicle categories have been exempted, including electric vehicles for two years from the date of first activating the system, ambulances, Armed Forces and Civil Defence vehicles bearing their number plates and emblems, public buses, motorbikes, public taxis, school buses registered in the emirate, passenger buses with 26 seats or more, vehicles bearing the emblems and number plates of The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Interior and Emirates Police, and towed vehicles. Unlike the exemption in Dubai’s Salik system, there is currently no exemption in Abu Dhabi for vehicles with people of determination.

How to pay

First, you have to create a user account by navigating to, or by clicking on the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate System link on the left dashboard of For Abu Dhabi-registered vehicles: An account will be created automatically, and sign-in details sent to the vehicle owner by SMS on the mobile number registered with Abu Dhabi Police.

For vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi

You can create an account by navigating to the dedicated website, and providing Emirates ID details, license plate details, email and mobile number. You then have to make the payment to register the vehicle. The minimum payment is Dh100 per vehicle, but Dh50 will be credited back to the user account after registration is completed. Then, you can top up the account and the toll will be deducted automatically every time you pass a tolling point.

Multiple vehicles

Once the user account is created for Abu Dhabi vehicle owners, the user will see a list of all the vehicles associated with the mobile number provided. A Dh100 charge has to be paid to register each vehicle, but Dh50 will be credited back to the account. Motorists with vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi can also opt to register multiple vehicles under a single account.

Unpaid tolls

Abu Dhabi users can pay off any unpaid toll when next renewing their annual vehicle registration.

Motorists with vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi should sign up before, or within a 10-day period of, passing a toll gate. Otherwise, they will be charged Dh100 for the first day after the grace period, Dh200 for the second day, Dh400 for the third day, upto a maximum of Dh10,000. If this account doesn’t have sufficient balance when crossing a tolling point, the motorist has a five-day grace period to top up the balance. After this, a Dh50 daily fine will apply.