Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City said that more than 16,320 working hours have been completed on Al Salam Street Project.

This is according to an integrated safety management system that guarantees the regular monitoring and inspection of all aspects of the project and ensures an immediate resolution to any deficiency.

The project tunnels will be monitored by a central system that ensures ongoing inspection of traffic movement, ventilation and temperature levels.

The system also features enhanced safety measures including fire detectors, cameras, alarms, message signs, emergency shoulders and exits. 

The municipality had recently hosted a group of instructors and students from the Abu Dhabi University at the project site as part of a programme,  “A Day at Al Salam Street”. The  program was launched recently as a venue for the municipality to communicate  with the general public about the ongoing efforts towards project completion.

The visit included comprehensive presentations about the significant characteristics of Al Salam Street Project and site tours to see at first hand the progress of construction work.

The program also included a visit to the municipality’s permanent exhibition that displays various mock-ups and models for Al Salam Street Project as well as other municipality initiatives.

Al Salam Street Project is a result of the coordination between the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, Urban Planning Council, Department of Transport and General Command of Abu Dhabi Police.

The project falls under the initiative of the municipality to contribute to the development of the city and establish Abu Dhabi’s position as a truly modern metropolis on par with the best in the world.