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Abu Dhabi: Motorists with expired registrations are urged to renew them to avoid their vehicle's being immediately impounded if they are caught by police.

The grace period for renewing expired registrations have been extended until June this year starting from May 1.

Abu Dhabi Police had launched a campaign to crack down on expired registrations.

Vehicles with expired registrations will be impounded as part of the campaign.

The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrol Department extended the grace period after many car owners requested a longer time to re-register their vehicles.


This initiative comes to help the procedure of renewing registrations and cut the crowds expected at Adnoc vehicle testing centres.

Colonel Hussain Ahmad Al Harithi, Director of the Traffic and Patrol Department said he hoped all drivers and vehicle owners will make use of the extended time given to them for renewing their registrations and pay their fines.

He urged them to not to postpone renewal procedures until the last days of the extension period.

Colonel Al Harithi said that after this grace period no exemptions will be made and traffic patrols will be intensified on both external and city roads in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Region.

Both civilian and military patrols will take part in issuing fines and impounding vehicles with expired registrations.

Violating vehicle owners will be impounded immediately, including any vehicle which is over one month after its registration renewal date.

Colonel Al Harithi asked all drivers to carry their driving license and car registrations, as any driver not carrying these documents will be given a violation ticket and may be delayed temporarily with his vehicle until the papers are produced.

Colonel Al Harithi also explained that all traffic campaigns are for enhancing traffic safety for all, and that the cooperation of the public with the police will make roads safer.

Will you be renewing your registration during the grace period? What was your reason for putting it off?