The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park. The decision by Ferrari to launch its first theme park in the Middle East in many ways shows how important the region is to the future of motorsports. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi:  High-octane attractions, ristorantes, shopping and indoor fun await guests of all ages when Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opens on November 4.

The inauguration, originally planned for Wednesday night, was postponed to mourn the death of Shaikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, who passed away on Wednesday.

Here's all you need to know about the first and only Ferrari theme park outside Italy.

Why you should go there?

Ferrari has chosen its location with care. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (FWAD) is to men and their families what Disneyland is for youngsters. But unlike Disneyland, this is a place where you can catch Ferrari's essence outside Maranello, home of the legendary Italian carmaker. The rides and treats are just the icing on the cake. For car or racing enthusiasts, FWAD is a once-in-a-lifetime pit stop. FWAD operators hope visitors from beyond the Gulf would visit the park as part of a tour package.

What's in it for you, your wife and children?

For grown-up men, women and teens, a number of exciting and never-seen-before rides, such as G-Force and Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster which zooms at 240 km/h are enough to take your breath away. Women who don't fancy the rides all that much, can get a glimpse of Italian countryside, and catch up on shopping (mostly Ferrari gift items and memorabilia) and dining. For kids, there are fantastic rides too, such as the Ferrari Carousel or the Speed of Magic four-dimensional fantasy ride.

How much time will I need to spend at FWAD?

Half a day would allow you to sample some of the rides and attractions. But you can pack in a whole day with your family or friends to include cinema shows of classic Ferrari movies or spend the rest of the day relaxing, enjoying the food and entertainment around the park after enjoying the rides.

How much money would it cost for a family of four?

From Dh780, for admissions (which gives access to all the rides) to about Dh1,000 or more, if food and souvenirs are included.

How are food prices placed in the restaurants?

There are at least six restaurants within the park. A big pizza slice at Mama Rosella costs Dh15 to Dh18; salads start at Dh45; spaghetti with meatballs costs Dh50 and Aquafina water costs Dh8.

How much do entrance tickets cost? Are there weekend rates?

General Admission: Dh225 if 1.5 metres or above in height; Dh165 if 1.5 metres or less in height; Premium admission: Dh375 and Dh270, respectively. Premium ticket holders don't need to wait for their turn at the rides. There are no weekend rates.

Do I need to walk a lot?

Yes and no. There are golf carts available upon request, but the huge park which spans an interior structure of 8.5 hectares is best explored on foot.

What about parking?

There are 2,000 parking lots. Valet parking is also available.

Who is behind FWAD?

Farah Leisure Parks Management L.L.C, a joint venture between property developer Aldar Properties PJSC and ProFun Management Group Inc., an international leisure facilities management and operating company, will be responsible for managing and operating the park.