Jamil Ahmed Khan, Pakistani ambassador to UAE, is seen presenting the certificate and memento to Pakistani taxi driver Umar Hayat Ajmal Khan, for showing exemplary honesty for returning the money of a passenger while on duty a few days ago in Dubai. The honoring ceremony took place at the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: A taxi driver was honoured at the Pakistani Embassy in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday for showing exemplary honesty.

While on duty in Dubai, on September 10, Umar Hayat Ajmal Khan, 27, from Peshwar, Pakistan, returned money left behind by passengers in his Metro Taxi.

Khan, who has been living in Dubai for two years, picked up two Saudi passengers from Riqa Street in Dubai, at 3pm. They asked him to drop them off at Rolla Street in Sharjah.

On his return from Sharjah, Khan noticed they had left something in the back seat.

After checking out what was left, he found a bag containing 123,000 Saudi riyals,(Dh120) and gold jewellery.

Khan immediately went to nearby Gusais Police station and returned the bag to the police officials there.

The next day, police called him and honoured him with a certificate, and his Saudi passengers gave him Dh500 for his honesty.

Khan, who is married and has one daughter at two years old, told Gulf News: “There is no point taking haram money.

“If I takes this haram money, I will be punished by almighty Allah.

“So I rushed to the nearest police station to hand over the passengers’ money. Now I am very happy, and feel that I have done a great job”.

Pakistani ambassador Jamil Ahmad Khan thanked taxi Driver Umar Khan for his honesty and presented a certificate of appreciation and memento, during the honouring ceremony at the embassy in Dubai.

Dh2,000 cash was also given to the taxi driver by the President of the Pakistani Pushthu Association, Haji Darazat Khan.