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The winners (clockwise from top left): Xavier, Noemi, Sreesunil, Ganesh, Anthony, Deependra and Satwinderpal. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Seven lucky UAE residents won Dh142,857 each during the 15th weekly draw of Mahzooz. They matched five out of six winning numbers (1-3-6-16-19-27) to share the Dh1M second-tier prize last week.

The winners came from different countries — France, India, Nepal and the Philippines — but they said they have one thing in common: their dreams now came true. “It was awesome — really awesome — that came just at the right time,” said Xavier, a 53-year-old Dubai-resident from France, about his winning “I had some challenges, both financial and emotional, and this was like a gift that happened to me. I am thanking God for this opportunity,” he added.

Indian expat Sreesunil, 55, was equally thrilled with the good news. “I was very excited. I almost felt numb after hearing the news. And now, I’m very grateful to Mahzooz,” he said.

For family and the future

Talking about how they will spend the money, the winners said they will use it to take care of their respective families and build a better future. “These are tough times but I am blessed that I now have the money to build my family a house in Punjab,” note Satwinderpal, a 27-year-old Indian expat who lives in Dubai.

Noemi, a 44-year-old Filipino expat, and Deependra, a 38-year-old from Nepal, have similar intentions. “I have always wanted to buy a house for my family back in the Philippines and now I will do that,” said Noemi. “I’ve been planning to buy a property for my family that’s closer to Kathmandu. I discussed this with my father, my mother, and my wife and now it’s a reality,” added Deependra.

Dreams come true

Ganesh, 30, and Anthony, 62, said luck can happen to anyone. “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. My family is coming to Dubai this month and it will be a great surprise for them,” said Ganesh. “I was so shocked but I’m a big believer of ‘if you don’t speculate, you can’t accumulate’. If you don’t play, you haven’t got a chance of winning,” added Anthony.

Who will win Dh50m?

The first prize of Dh50 million is yet to be won. The next Mahzooz draw is scheduled on Saturday (March 13) at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz website.