190925 whatsapp sticker
Image Credit: Supplied

The first Emirati astronaut to be launched to space has his very own WhatsApp sticker. Celebrating the launch day today, WhatsApp users in the country started sharing a WhatsApp sticker that shows a smiling Hazzaa AlMansoori in a spacesuit with the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Center logo in the background.

Hazza is all set for his first spaceflight today at 5.56pm.

When Sergei Korolev, the man who sent the first astronaut to space was posed with the question, who can be sent to space? He said, military men.

Nearly 58 years later, UAE is sending a military pilot into space.

On April 12, 2019, Hazza Al Mansouri a military pilot for 14 years was selected as prime crew to become the first Emirati in space. And, Sultan Al Neyadi, a military communications engineer was chosen as the reserve crew.

Today’s space flight will make UAE the 19th country to enter the International Space Station.