DUBAI: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an online system for handling right-of-way application permits. It covers main and subsidiary road diversions, using part of the right-of-way, designs of external pavements and heavy vehicle movement as well as some other services to individuals. The move complements Dubai Government’s strategy of switching to e-services and paperless initiative.

“The new system marks a paradigm shift in delivering services to the public and the business community. It enables customers to submit applications including uploading of all required documents and engineering plans online without any paper-based transaction. It enables positioning the worksite on the map 24/7 and saves the hassle of visiting RTA’s service centres,” said Eng Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

“RTA has integrated the system with other relevant systems to facilitate the customer service experience and reduce the requirements, which translates into customer happiness. Under the system, high-quality permits are issued online using the latest technologies once the automated payment process is completed. The new system has a geospatial database for locating the worksite that makes it easy for engineers to examine the application along with potential impact on permits issued within the worksite through the GIS.

“The system is flexible and enables interactive communication with clients who can figure out the application progress through notifications sent to their mobile phones and e-mails. The underlining objective of the system is to step up service efficiency, reduce reliance on paper transactions and facilitate procedures of right-of-way application permits,” said Bin Adai.