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  • My standing instructions to settle the outstanding payment was rejected
  • On two occasions the card was declined in Point of Sale transactions 

On December 4, 2018, my standing instructions to settle the outstanding payment was rejected by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) system and they charged me late payment fee and finance charges for no fault of mine. I called and registered my complaint on the same day.

On December 16, I called again for not being able to use my card for two Point of Sale (POS) transactions and again it was pointless calling their call centre as they kept holding their stand, stating there is nothing wrong with my card and I should continue to use it.

On December 29, once again on two occasions the card was declined in POS as well as online and I called to register this issue but no answer as to why this is happening.

On December 30 finally when I spoke to an agent things began to clear up a bit and he after checking all records said I should pay the November outstanding immediately to continue using the card and I did via online payment.

I request FAB to explain why all previous customer service representatives could not throw clear light on my issue and why I was penalised for late payment and finance charges when it is their system integration that has caused me all the agony on my various direct debit payments and standing instructions getting rejected by FAB system.

Please have this issue clarified by FAB management and request management to properly train their so-called customer service representatives.

From Mr Richard D Souza


Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to FAB for comments. However, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: January 21, 2019. Process completion: February 27, 2019.)

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