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  • Reader had a problem with his e-life subscription.
  • The telecom company helped resolve the issue

In July 2016, etisalat eLife was installed in my home and I used the services till about mid-August, before the services were cut off. Due to rising bills, I called etisalat to cancel my subscription with them but the agent maintained that I have to visit their office.

I went to the office and they said I had a bill of nearly Dh720 that I needed to pay in full before cancelling the line. I didn’t have the money then, so I asked if I could pay a part of it, get it cancelled, and then complete the payment later. The agent said I must pay the full amount. I left without cancelling my account.

Some months later, I got a call from etisalat that I owed them Dh4,230. How? I am not using eLife, the internet or any of their services. So how did a bill of Dh720 become Dh4,230? After I complained, they waived off Dh1,023 and asked me to pay the remaining balance of Dh3,200. Why should I pay for something I never used?

Since the middle of 2017 up to now, they keep calling and threatening me with travel bans. If there is a way you can help me get out of this mess, I would appreciate it. I can’t pay for what I never used for.

From Mr Chidiebere Martins Egbulonu

The management of etisalat responds: Thank you for bringing Mr Egbulonu’s concern to our attention. Etisalat customer service team would want to apologise for all the inconvenience he may have faced. We have thoroughly investigated the issue, and found that the customer did not make any payment from the date of subscription. Thus, he is not eligible for a refund of correctly billed charges.

Mr Egbulonu responds: I called etisalat many times asking if I could pay just the bill for the service I used, but they insisted that I must pay the full amount of Dh3,200 that I never used. If they want to resolve the issue, they should give me my accurate bill and I will pay it. I don’t wish to pay for something I never used.

Etisalat responds: We wish to inform you that after a detailed and thorough investigation, it is found that the customer did not make any payments from the date of subscription. Thus, he is not eligible for a refund of correctly billed charges.

(Process initiation: September 24, 2018. Response from organisation: September 27, 2018. Process completion: October 30, 2018.)

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