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This is with regard to my earlier complaint dated October 11, 2018. After Gulf News intervened, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) issued a No Liability Certificate. Thanks for your great efforts.

When I approached Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) office to clear my credit history, they told me that DIB, Credit Department must do it from their end as I don’t have any liabilities with the bank.

I reached out to DIB several times with several branches. Showed the No Liability certificate (issued by them one-and-a-half year back) and requested them to update AECB records. Sent several emails to Met different officials for help, but nothing is working out. My case is still not sorted out. I don’t understand why they are not helping out genuine customer. Appreciate your provision to present my complaint.

From Ms Betty Moncy


The management of DIB responds: DIB would like to confirm that their Customer Service Excellence team has been informed about Ms Betty Moncy’s case. Having thoroughly investigated the issue, the team has informed Ms Moncy that her concerns were satisfactorily addressed in the past and through multiple channels. The customer’s records have been properly updated in Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) and subsequently her current credit history is based on many factors, including her payment history with financial institutions such as DIB. It is also worth mentioning that DIB has gone an extra mile on several occasions for Ms Moncy by exceptionally waiving her late payment charges based on good faith. We now consider the case to be closed and look forward to helping Ms Moncy in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

(Process initiation: October 14, 2019. Response from organisation: October 23, 2019. Process completion: October 24, 2019)

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