Mahzooz Winners
From left: Abdul Gafoor, Pratik and Sathiya Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a lucky turn of events, three Indian participants emerged as the guaranteed raffle winners at the Mahzooz Saturday Millions’ 152nd weekly draws, each taking home a substantial prize of Dh100,000. Abdul Gafoor from Sharjah, Pratik from Abu Dhabi and Sathiya from Dubai have been named as the latest winners.

Abdul Gafoor, the first raffle winner, is a newcomer to the UAE, having arrived in Sharjah only seven months ago to work as a taxi driver. Still in his training phase, Abdul Gafoor’s financial situation has been challenging. However, this did not deter him from purchasing a Mahzooz Saturday Millions ticket every week, after learning from his roommates about the life-changing opportunities the draw offers.

The news of his Dh100,000 win reached him through the Mahzooz app, and in that moment, Gafoor was overwhelmed with joy. He shared his jubilation with his roommates, who cheered alongside him. While his wife in India is yet to hear the good news, Gafoor intends to use his winnings to clear financial liabilities.

Pratik, aged 40, currently resides in Abu Dhabi. After learning about Mahzooz from his colleagues, he began participating just last year, diligently purchasing tickets almost every week. The news of his Dh100,000 win came via the Mahzooz app, leading to an overwhelming sense of joy. His wife was equally ecstatic, and their primary focus is using the prize money to support their children's education and building a brighter future for them. Pratik plans to allocate part of his winnings for continued participation in Mahzooz, given the affordable entry fees and the enhanced chances of winning.

As for Sathiya, the third winner, he has been a UAE resident for over two decades along with his wife and their 19-year-old child. The project manager who works for a private energy company in Dubai, has been participating in Mahzooz Saturday Millions since its inception. However, it was only on Saturday 28 October 2023, that luck finally smiled at him as he discovered his astounding victory during the live draw. His plans for the prize money revolve around securing his child's education, a dream that he had an intuition would come true.