Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi police have advised people to live close to their workplace as it helps enhance their efficiency at office and also gives them a chance to spend more time at home.

Spending a long time behind the wheel might cause mental and physical fatigue for the driver, which can negatively influence his or her performance at work and at home, experts in the capital said.

Family and Social Consultant at Afaq Al Tamayoz Training and Consultancy Services, Gada Al Shaikh, said that excessive driving can also take a toll on health and physical fitness as it drains a motorist’s patience.

Focus on the road

Long hours of driving also leads to an inability to concentrate on the road as a result of the thinking becoming scattered. Troubles faced while driving due to traffic, especially during peak hours, is one of the most important causes of stress, which can lead to accidents, according to the consultant.

Living close to their workplace, therefore, she says, leads to a more positive lifestyle not only for an individual but also for society as a whole as it mitigates a host of factors that lead to stressful conditions while commuting to work and back home.

The dangers of driving long distances to work also can make an individual feel that he is racing against time to get to office on time, which is a highly negative emotion and a harmful state of mind.

This mental pressure is greatly responsible for the onset of fatigue when people drive back home from work. Being exposed to this constant state of stress shoots up the adrenalin levels in the blood, which can cause stress.