Magazine Portrait Holger
Holger Schlechter, Chief Financial Officer, IFZA

The recent introduction of Corporate Tax in the UAE has left many business owners unsure of how to navigate the new regulations. According to statistics, with Australia at 34%, the UK at 25%, and Singapore at 15%, the UAE has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the world.

As a leading Free Zone community in the UAE, IFZA's commitment to compliance extends beyond our operations. We work with a network of legal and tax experts to host several live and online events that educate our Partners on the latest UAE corporate tax guidelines. We have formed collaborations with international business councils in the UAE to host events that shed light on the UAE Corporate Tax in line with existing regulations and agreements with their home countries.

In addition, we have partnered with leading technology organizations that provide Federal Tax Authority (FTA)-recognized solutions to our community. These platforms will offer a more efficient and streamlined approach to compliance, making it easier for businesses to operate legally.

We are also excited to announce the launch of IFZA Shared Services Center, a new platform that provides 22,000 IFZA Partners and Licensees with cost-effective support for their accounting and taxation processes. This service will not only save them time and resources but also help them to increase their efficiency and support their growth and prosperity.