A British tabloid report claiming that Rihanna will have to tone down her raunchy performances for her New Year’s Eve concert in Abu Dhabi is “totally inaccurate” according to organisers Flash.

The Daily Mirror reported on Sunday that the Barbadan singer had been told to dress more conservatively for her concert in the UAE and that the star was now “tearing her hair out over what to do”.

It also reported that Rihanna is being paid $500,000 (Dh1.85 million) for the concert.

In a statement, organisers Flash rubbished the claims, saying ‘‘the facts and figures recently reported around Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi concert are totally inaccurate. Rihanna is bringing an incredible new stage show to the capital and there’s no doubt the event will be fantastic; an ideal way to celebrate the beginning of a new decade.”

Abu Dhabi has recently hosted concerts from international artists including The Killers, Aerosmith and Beyonce, all of whom performed their concerts without restrictions.

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