Going organic. Torben Sonderby will head the pop-up farm in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied photo

DUBAI: Arla Organics, the world’s largest organic dairy producer, is all set to launch their pop up farm in the Lakes Community Club from September 25 to 27. The market will feature fresh organic produce from Arla’s farms in Denmark and Sweden.

The organic market will be launched by Torben Sonderby, one of the 12,500 farmers who own Arla. Sonderby, who lives in Denmark, will be heading the farm in Dubai. Explaining what residents can expect, he said, “Apart from chemical-free vegetables and fruits, people will have the chance to try Arla Organic milk at the farm, available in full-fat and semi-skimmed form, as well as chocolate and strawberry flavour.

The milk that will be launched at the event will be available at all leading supermarkets in the city.”

Sonderby has plans to educate children and youth in the UAE about dairy farming. “Children will be taken on a six-stage journey to learn about milk and dairy farming.

Imparting learning

They will re-enact the process of milking a cow, learn about pasteurisation, transporting milk on mini-tractors and learn how the milk is packed at the dairy farm to ensure consumers are getting clean and safe milk,” he said.

The Pop up Farm will be open to the public from 3- 4:45pm on Monday, 6-8pm on Tuesday and from 3- 7pm on Wednesday. Entry is free.