DUBAI: Medical experts from Dubai Health Authority’s Innovation Centre have collaborated with Sinterex, an additive manufacturing healthcare specialist firm, to bring 3D printing to the point-of-care at DHA hospitals - Rashid, Latifa, Dubai and Hatta Hospital.

The newly opened 3D Printing Lab located at the DHA’s Innovation Centre provides medical professionals at DHA with patient specific anatomical models allowing them to conduct detailed pre-operative analysis and improve patient communication. The workflow starts with patient data acquisition, typically from a CT or MRI scan. This patient data is then brought into medical image segmentation software, which allows the physician to isolate the specific anatomical region of interest. This digital model is then converted into a 3D printable file and produced using the state-of-the -art 3D printers in the lab. Dr Farida Al Khaja, CEO of Medical Support Services and Chair of Medical Innovation Council at DHA, said this initiative in is line with DHA’s vision of incorporating the latest medical technology in the health sector with a primary aim to better patient care.