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Abu Dhabi: The National Cybersecurity Council said it is constantly monitoring the digital infrastructure and systems of the country, and is taking all precautions and procedures necessary to safeguard the UAE's digital infrastructure, stop cyberattacks and ensure quick recovery.

The Council called upon all organisations in the government and private sectors to follow the guidelines issued by UAE security teams in order to respond to this type of attacks.

The Council also advises to promptly apply necessary updates to the systems and take all measures that would protect all networks.

The Council has invited all entities to reach out to the national computer emergency response team (aeCERT) or relevant security teams.

Cyberattacks have witnessed an unprecedented development and have become more complex and frequent.

A case in point involves SolarWinds which has dominated the news headlines as the most recent victim of advanced cyberattacks. A malicious code was implanted in an update for SolarWinds Orion, which resulted in a series of cyber incidents for the entities that downloaded the update worldwide.

"The Cybersecurity Council would like to note its acknowledgement of the SolarWinds attack. The Council has proactively worked on the case in collaboration with relevant entities in the UAE. It has been shown that some UAE-based entities were attacked, and as such necessary measures were taken to deal with these incidents and secure constituencies," said the statement.