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Dubai: Nestled in the heart of allure, where convenience meets clear roads and cycling tracks, Al Furjan Dubai, beckons with its myriad advantages. A combination woven with a convenient location and diverse retail options, this community stands as a testament to the epitome of modern living.

Set against the backdrop of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and embraced by the verdant embrace of Discovery Gardens, Al Furjan unveils a grand tapestry of apartments, townhouses, and villas. Each edifice a testament to architectural prowess, each dwelling a sanctuary of dreams.

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Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Among the fortunate denizens who have embraced the opulence of Al Furjan is the Khan family–an Indian expat named Javed Khan, his wife Nishat Anjum, and their daughters, Madina and Sarah. In the embrace of Al Furjan, they have found not just a residence but a sanctuary where dreams intertwine with reality. The treasured community of Al Furjan unfolds, a testament to the extraordinary allure of this Dubai gem.

“In 2019, I thought of buying a house here. At the time, the price for a three-bedroom (plus maid’s room’ villa was going at Dh1.8 million,” said Khan, noting that the asking price today has almost doubled.

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Al Furjan resident Javed Khan, with wife Nishat Anjum, and their daughters, Madina and Sarah. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Easy access

Another lure of the community, he added, are its breezy streets. “We don’t get stuck in traffic... There are plenty of access roads.”

Al Furjan also shares pathways and road links with other residential zones. “We have linked cycle routes running through to Discovery Gardens, making it even more accessible to neighbouring communities. The 40km cycle track running through the communities is a great way for us residents to exercise in the outdoors during winter as well.”

Al Furjan Nakheel
A view of Al Furjan development in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Anjum said: “Key road networks of Dubai are within minutes distance from Al Furjan. For example, the E311 [Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road] is five minutes away. We are half an hour from Downtown Dubai. The Al Maktoum International Airport is around 15 minutes.”

Also, she added, for an additional cost of Dh6,000 per year, the town-house and villa owners get membership into the Al Furjan club.

‘Helpful people’

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Al Furjan resident John Messenger with wife Saori and children Luca and Akira. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Japanese expat Saori Messenger, her British husband John and their children Luca and Akira, moved into Al Furjan eight months ago–a decision they’ve never regretted.

Messenger said: “We love it here. It’s a very friendly community as well. People are around to help out for anything.”

John said: “We moved to the community as it was close to our son Luca’s school–The Arbor School. We are renting our home for Dh190,000 per year. It is a three-bedroom villa plus a maid’s room.”

Messenger said Al Furjan Pavilion, home to several shops and restaurants, is a boon. “It is like living in a mini city. The Pavilion has a range of amenities like swimming pool, sports courts, restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.”

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Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Pakistani expat Saira Aamir, her husband Memon and children Rayyan, Rania and Izyan, moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Al Furjan, paying a rent of around Dh82,000 annually.

“For us it is a huge difference from [our previous residence]. The apartment here comes with more space and the building has all the facilities like a gym, swimming pool,” Saira said.

“We don’t want to move from Al Furjan. The children’s school is nearby and my husband and my work place is not too far away.”

Saira added that she is part of several friendly WhatsApp groups of the Al Furjan community.

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Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Car-less visits

“It is a very friendly community and everyone helps each other out. It is a perfect place for families to move in and for those looking at a close-knit community.”

She added with the Dubai Metro station located just a few minutes away, it has proved to be a big boon. “My guests take the Metro and walk up to my place from the station. No one brings their car over. It is very convenient that way.”

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Al Furjan community. Photo: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News


There are two retail spaces called Al Furjan Pavilion, located on either side of the development. There are over a number of restaurants, supermarkets and 24 retail outlets in the Pavilion.

The Ibn Battuta mall is not far either.


Masakin Al Furjan is a large residential community with parks and amenities within the larger Al Furjan area. It consists of partment blocks with landscaped play grounds spread out all over the neighbourhood.

Al Furjan locator
Al Furjan locator Image Credit: Vijith Pulikkal /Gulf News


Dubai Metro – light rail station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro in Dubai, UAE, serving Al Furjan and surrounding areas in Jebel Ali.

Ibn Battuta Mall – Retail and entertainment destination, with Novo Cinemas

The Jebel Ali recreational Club is also nearby.

How to get to Al Furjan

  • Bus 85 and F43 pass near the community.
  • Al Furjan Metro Station

Schools nearby

  • The Arbor school
  • Delhi Private School
  • Winchestor School