Dubai: Most people have got so used to stress, they often fail to even notice its symptoms.

Dr C.V. Manohar, a stress therapist at Al Musalla Medical Centre in Dubai, said: "An optimum level of stress is good for an active life. But when your stress level is high and continuous it creates a lot of problems."

He added that in the UAE, "the workplace is the number one [cause] for stress".

Employees who complain about stress-related illnesses often find themselves lacking job security, working for long hours without taking regular breaks or doing a job that does not match their skills and qualifications.

Dr Manohar outlined several symptoms of stress, which include nervousness, irritability, shoulder and neck pain.

He said: "If anyone allows stress to accumulate further, it will cause severe health-related illnesses and even outbursts of anger or violent behaviour."

But while it cannot be avoided, stress can be managed.

Dr Manohar said: "Face problems with an open mind and a positive attitude. Take regular breaks and if it gets too much to handle, get professional help."