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Eyes help you see the wonders of the world and it’s important you take good care of them. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems can have a detrimental impact on eye health. Hence a regular eye check-up is recommended.

Follow these 5 simple steps to maintain healthy eyes:

1. Visit your eye care professional regularly

Even when your eyesight is clear and your eyes appear healthy, a visit to an eye professional is the only way to be sure that everything is fine.

Remember, check yearly, see clearly.

2. Wear your eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses as recommended

If you have a prescription, eyeglasses and contact lenses provide you with crisp, clear, and comfortable vision. Not wearing your prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses certainly strains your eyes making them work harder. Wear your prescription as recommended by your optometrist or eye doctor.

3. Give rest to your eye at regular intervals

Blink frequently and take regular breaks especially while working on a computer. Giving proper rest to your eyes will reduce eye strain and avoid headaches. Follow the 20:20:20 rule i.e., every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds to relax your eyes.

4. Stop smoking or never start

Smoking is as bad for your eyes as it is for the rest of your body. Research has linked smoking to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and optic nerve damage, all of which can lead to reduced vision. You have only one pair of eyes, look after them.

5. Take prompt action

Last but not least, if you experience any change with your eyes in terms of vision, appearance, and well-being, take prompt action by visiting the optometrist or eye doctor at Aster as timely intervention can diagnose and treatment can reduce long terms problems. Every day, ask yourself: “Do my eyes look good, feel good and see well?”