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Workers' market set up by Dubai Municipality in different parts of the city offer variety of goods and services Image Credit: DM

Dubai: Workers in Dubai will get two new markets exclusively catering to them near their accommodations, thanks to Dubai Municipality’s comprehensive development plan for labour community markets.

The civic body on Wednesday launched the plan to renovate the first such market dedicated to workers living in labour zones in the emirate and establish two more.

“The plan encompasses the establishment of a new market covering an area of 16,227 square metres in industrial zones of Al Quoz 3, another covering 9,292 square metres in Muhaisanah 2, and renovation of the community labourers market in Al Quoz 4, which is spread across 14,231 square metres,” Dubai Municipality stated.

The move comes in line with the Municipality’s goal to reinforce its social responsibility towards the labourers and enhance their quality of life and well-being by delivering integrated services and all necessities within the same location.

Dr Naseem Mohammed Rafie, director of the Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, said the move aims to realise the Municipality’s goal to transform markets in housing areas for labourers into integrated spaces and recreational areas following the regulations and requirements of Dubai.

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“It also seeks to develop a space in line with the criteria of sustainable urban planning to support Dubai’s vision to become the best city to live and work in the world by adhering to the highest standards of quality of life and well-being. In addition, the plan aims to reinforce social responsibility towards labourers by developing a safe and unique shopping experience for labourers living in those areas and meeting their necessities in accordance with top-notch public health, occupational, and proactive prevention standards.”

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Dubai Municipality supervises recreational, social, and sporting events within community markets Image Credit: DM

Benefits for workers

The plan to develop and establish community labour markets is projected to yield various benefits by offering comprehensive shopping spaces which include designated spaces for ready-to-eat food, vegetable and fruit shops, meat and fish, consumer shops, consumer outlets, barber shops and tailoring shops.

“Furthermore, it guarantees the products and materials at a price range that matches the financial capability of workers and meets all health, safety, and food safety standards set by Dubai Municipality,” the Municipality pointed out.

The civic body will also supervise the hosting of recreational, social, and sporting events within these community markets to transform them into a sought-after recreational destination for workers.

Dubai Police, a key strategic partner of the Municipality in this endeavour, will collaborate on these initiatives, enhancing the well-being and quality of life for the labourers community.

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Dubai Municipality supervises recreational, social, and sporting events within community markets Image Credit: DM

Community participation

One of the goals of the workers’ market development plan is to encourage community participation, involving local companies and institutions from both the public and private sectors. This will be achieved by establishing strong partnerships with these entities to conduct recreational, sporting, health, and community activities for workers within the designated spaces in the market, all provided free of charge.

In 2022, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Police introduced the first licensed formal labourers’ market in the Al Quoz area, setting it apart from unregulated markets that often lack licenses and consumer health safeguards.

“Unlike random markets that attract thousands of labourers and sell products without a license, the formal market focuses on eliminating practices that impact consumer and public health,” the Municipality pointed out.