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The Department of Community Development on Tuesday announces new fund-raising policy to ensure transparency and check misuse of funds. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: As the regulator of Abu Dhabi’s social sector, the Department of Community Development on Tuesday Fund-raising Policy that aims to strengthen the culture of giving and community contributions within society.

The new policy regulates fund-raising activities, protects donors’ funds, and enables the DCD to perform its duties, which include regulating, licensing, controlling and supervising fund-raising activities.

The policy’s scope of application encompasses all fund-raising activities including collecting, receiving, and presenting in-kind and cash donations in the Emirate through regular and digital means. Additionally, the policy covers the geographical area of Abu Dhabi, including all its regions and free zones.

Fund-raising system

Through the policy, the DCD seeks to strengthen the fund-raising system by issuing regulatory tools, supervising the implementation of regulations and legislation, and monitoring all aspects of fund-raising activities within the Emirate. The DCD will also take measures, in coordination with the concerned authorities, to deal with suspected violations. The policy also aims to govern fund-raising activities in Abu Dhabi by establishing and implementing a unified electronic record, created using the most modern technology.

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On this occasion, Engineer Hamad Ali Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the DCD, said: “Today, we announce the launch of the Abu Dhabi Fundraising Policy, in line with the laws and regulations in the country, enabling the Department of Community Development to organise fund-raising activities. We are confident that this policy will lead to an increasingly positive impact on Abu Dhabi society.”

Al Dhaheri added: “The policy is in line with best practices used to ensure that donations are delivered to eligible groups and that donor funds are protected. It also aligns with our endeavour to raise the quality of services within the social sector. The Department, in cooperation with strategic partners, continues to develop and design policies and implement social programs in order to achieve our vision of providing a decent life for all.”

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Mohammad Helal Al Balooshi, Executive Director of the Community Engagement and Sports Sector at the DCD, said: “The policy will help set up an enabling regulatory framework that provides guidelines for fund-raising activities, which would enhance the community’s sense of confidence and safety when donating. We hope that through this policy we can enhance social responsibility among members of the community and encourage them to actively contribute to positive impact in Abu Dhabi.”

New policy

Al Balooshi added: “We will work side by side with partners and licensed entities to implement the new policy through a series of meetings and workshops, where provisions will be reviewed. Additionally, DCD’s teams will work with the concerned authorities to implement the policy’s objectives through the help of the Evaluation Committee, which will review applications and permits and evaluate entities according to the Efficiency Measurement and Evaluation System. We will monitor the standards by which we apply the policy, while continually seeking opportunities for improvement by regular updating to the policy and ensuring its quality is maintained.”

The Abu Dhabi Fund-raising Policy can be downloaded and more details on the topic can be found at DCD’s official website