Abu Dhabi Image Credit: File photo

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has established a round-the-clock helpline to help holders of valid residence permits abroad.

The move comes after the UAE announced a renewable two-week suspension of entry for valid residence permit holders, who are currently out of the country.

The suspension entered into effect at noon on Thursday, March 19, as part of preventive procedures during the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

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After initially announcing a single number for the helpline, the Ministry later added a second number due to the high volume of calls.

Holders of valid residence permits overseas and their family members and first-degree relatives in the UAE can call the helpline on 0097124965228 or 0097192083344 for enquiries and assistance for humanitarian and emergency cases to ensure their safe return to the UAE, the Ministry said.

The Ministry explained that these measures were part of precautionary and preventive efforts taken by the UAE to contain the spread of COVID-19.