Abu Dhabi: The Sawab Centre announced the launch of a new women’s campaign for its social media platforms.

The campaign launched by the centre, which was set up as a joint UAE-US initiative to combat Daesh’s online propaganda and promote positive alternatives to extremism, will highlight the important contributions of women in preventing and resisting extremism and in advancing their communities and societies.

Under the hashtag “#InHerStory”, the three-day campaign will run from March 20 to 22 in Arabic and English on Sawab’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. The campaign will coincide with the commemoration of Mother’s Day in the Middle East on March 21.

Previous Sawab campaigns have depicted how Daesh routinely and systematically humiliates, exploits, and subjugates women through its violent actions and depraved ideology. Whether through luring vulnerable young women and girls through lies and deception, torturing and sexually exploiting women, or even enslaving and trafficking in women, Daesh has systematically commodified and objectified women.

To contradict Daesh’s twisted narrative about the role and value of women, the #InHerStory campaign will instead affirm the empowered and critical role that women are playing around the world. The centre will highlight stories of how women in Iraq and Syria have fought back against Daesh oppression, whether through escaping from captivity, advocating on the global stage, or fighting on the front lines. The campaign also focuses on the stories of mothers who have protected their families from the terrorist group’s depredations, including through intervening to stop the group reaching their children with its propaganda.

The Sawab Centre will also present inspirational accounts of women overcoming the odds by reaching the South Pole and the summit of Mt. Everest, or overcoming a disability to achieve professional success. The centre will convey other uplifting messages from the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), as well as from influential cultural and historical figures, to emphasise how women elevate their communities and uphold important values.

#InHerStory is the Sawab Centre’s sixteenth proactive social media campaign. Other campaigns have focused on the terrorist group’s devastation of families, communities, and ancient civilisations, the importance of diversity to a well-functioning society, and the positive impact that youth can have on their communities.

Since its launch in July 2015, the Sawab Centre has encouraged governments, communities, and individual voices to engage proactively to counteract online extremism. Over this time, the Centre has given voice to millions of people around the world who oppose Daesh and support the centre’s efforts to expose the terrorist group’s brutality and criminal nature.