Shaikh Mohammad during his visit to Uzbekistan. Shaikh Mohammad said it is important to pay attention to hope makers in the Arab region as they are role models for future generations. Image Credit: Courtesy: Dubai Media Office

Dubai: An Arab nationwide initiative to recognise outstanding individuals and institutions in community service and humanitarian work was launched Tuesday.

The Dh1 million-‘Arab Hope Makers’ initiative was announced by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Falling under the umbrella of Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives and as an extension of the Year of Giving 2017, the initiative aims to inspire hope in the Arab region by highlighting heart-warming stories of kindness in communities. The goal is to explore more than 20,000 inspirational stories, and highlight noble humanitarian programmes, projects and initiatives.

“The hope makers initiative will complement the UAE’s Year of Giving, as we want to instill values of charity across the Arab region,” stressed Shaikh Mohammad.

He underlined the importance of focusing on exceptional contributions by ordinary people to serve their community. “Our goal is to honour humanitarians and hope makers in the Arab region, as they are the real stars and role models for generations to come,” he added.

The initiative will involve social networking platforms to promote its goals and mission by sharing inspiring stories, allowing people to share their comments and opinions.

Shaikh Mohammad reaffirmed the importance of creating hope in the region, specifically during these critical times and conditions. “Every individual in the Arab world shoulders the responsibility of creating hope. The attribute of giving is entrenched in Arabs, and making hope is a cultural mission,” he said.

“We are a nation which did not and will not despair. There is a wave of frustration and pessimism engulfing our region, and we must overcome it. No nation can carry on with its progress if its youth are in despair. Therefore, everyone is responsible for inspiring hope in the region,” he added

He indicated that philanthropists and humanitarians do not vie for recognition, therefore it is important to pay attention to hope makers. “Hope makers and philanthropists, by nature, do not seek fame, but new generations need role models to follow so that they can bring about a positive change,” he said.

He pointed out that the progress of communities is not the responsibility of governments alone, but also involves conscious people who contribute positively to solving social and cultural challenges.

“There are people who sponsor orphans, feed the hungry, help needy families, support youth, or those who volunteer to treat patients, impart knowledge, environmental advocates and those who innovate for goodness. All of those are our partners in creating hope in the Arab region,” said Shaikh Mohammad.

“Closing the doors on hope opens the doors for despair,” said Shaikh Mohammad, underscoring the need to preserve humanitarian values to ensure the progress of nations, with human beings as their core.

Those interested can submit their applications at www.arabhopemakers.com.

When the submission period closes, a screening committee will select the top 12 submissions that qualify for the nomination stage (personal interview) of the award. It is in the award committee’s sole discretion to determine which submissions advance to the nomination (personal interview) stage. During the personal interviews stage, a panel of experts (the nomination committee) selects the top five Hope Makers to turn their stories into videos.

The final winner of the title “The Hope Maker” will be decided based on the judging panel evaluation.


Terms and conditions:

-Nominees aged 5-95 years are eligible to submit their entries

-Outstanding individuals and organisations with inspirational philanthropic and community initiatives can apply

-People who are active in volunteering and humanitarian work, especially those with noble merits of self-sacrifice and passion for serving people

-People who are recognised in their community for their good conduct and noble humanitarian values

-Those who believe in young people’s potential

-Hope Maker should be resident in an Arab country, but not necessarily a citizen of that country

-The impact of the hope maker’s initiative is noticeable, even if in a small way

-The hope maker’s story is credible and inspirational and influential in his/her community

-Necessary documents must be attached with the entry, including photos and clips

-Entrants should have at least one community initiative in voluntary or humanitarian work

-To be positive and have faith in the efforts put by the people of the Arab region

-All participants may withdraw from the award at any stage before the 3rd of April 2017 by sending an email to admin@ArabHopeMakers.com requesting withdrawal from the next stage

-More terms and conditions listed on: www.arabhopemakers.com