GNICE 2022
Visitors exploring immigration opportunities at GNICE 2022 Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal, Gulf News

The action-packed, information- loaded Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition 2022 (GNICE) concluded on November 13 on a high note triggering the right kind of buzz and excitement in students, investors, businessmen looking to immigrate to secure residences abroad.

With over 30 exhibitors and a steady footfall of over 2,000 potential clients, the exhibition proved to be a win-win deal for consultants and registered visitors alike.

The exhibition witnessed an influx of a rainbow of nationalities hailing from the US, Canada, Portugal, Senegal, Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Spain, Malta, the UK, India, and Pakistan, among many others visiting the consultants in a span of two days, proving that migration and immigration are global concerns transcending nationality and race.

An authentic process of information gathering

Alina Scerri, one of the visitors at the venue, felt the exhibition was very useful. “The exhibition provided a lot of interesting facts and gave us new insights about the needs and expectations of migrants.”

GNICE wrap
Dr Mamta and Dr Manohar Mamani Image Credit: Anas T, Gulf News

A statement that Dr Mamta and Dr Manohar Mamani, Indian expatriate doctors from Dubai, felt resonated with them. The doctor couple was happy to visit the exhibition to assist their son’s study abroad decision. “The information we collected at the exhibition has been exactly what we were looking for. It has helped us get an initial idea of the potential for immigration to Canada; we intend to go for further consultations,” the Mamanis said.

Multiple choices enriching experience

Liaquat Ali, a Pakistani national and Dubai resident expressed satisfaction about the information he gathered about immigration to either UK or Canada. “I heard about the exhibition through Gulf News and was keen to explore my options. Normally, it would have been difficult for an individual to visit many consultants in a span of one day to get objective ideas and make informed decisions which was easy to do here.”

Consultants representing investor groups

It was not just individuals or families exploring options, many B2B consultants fronting for investors who visited the exhibition on behalf of their clients, and expressed great satisfaction.

Tyrone Siren and Peter Lee Image Credit: Gulf News

Tyrone Siren, US national and Peter Lee a UK national, partners offering immigration-based investment advice to their clients, said they were pleasantly surprised with the cache of information they were able to gather. Lee said he was extremely happy with the proactive ethos of the exhibition, “In the short time I have been here, we have gathered over a dozen important nuggets of information on second citizenship for my clients,” they concurred.

A plethora of study abroad options

The exhibition was particularly very beneficial for thousands of students looking to travel abroad for higher studies and professional courses. At the Futures Abroad stall specializing in educational and study abroad programmes to Canada and US, marketing advisors Ahamed Ali and Zafrin Banu expressed happiness at having collected potential clients. “In these two days we have collected a steady stream of authentic students looking for pathways to study abroad.”

Documenting on video

Sam Miri
Sam Miri Image Credit: Supplied

UK national of Iranian origin Sam Miri, the CEO of a Dubai-based travel agency and video blogger, who was broadcasting details of the show to help his clients, said, “I am here because I wanted to give my clients first-hand and authentic information on citizenship and immigration pathways from the GNICE venue.”