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Business Link UAE is a leading business setup consultancy firm with more than 24 years of experience in the GCC and Middle East. We are assisting many start-up business investors to find best solutions and get budgeted offers for business setup in KSA. We are also helping multinational companies set up their branches or representatives offices providing all type of professional solutions related to rest of requirements such as:

• Company bank account

• Investors visas

• Relocating executives and staff members

Many investors are very excited to relocate or start their business in the most economical countries in the region such as UAE and KSA. The Business Link team is much qualified to communicate and provide best business advice to their clients after understanding their mission and business vision.

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How Business Link helps in KSA business set up

The Business Link team in KSA provides full business set-up solutions including PRO services to start fresh entities for GCC nationasl, branch of foreign companies or joint ventures for foreign companies with 100 per cent ownership of the parent company located in any part of the world.

We provide full guidelines to our clients to understand the formalities of their incorporation and legal type under the KSA ministry of foreign investors (SAGIA) after understanding their activities and business targets in KSA.

SAGIA/MISA provide different entities legal types for the international companies to facilitate and allow them to enjoy good business growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

• Branch of foreign company owned 100 per cent by foreign companies

• LLC company owned 100 per cent by single or more than one foreign company

• Joint venture owned by foreign and local KSA company or individual Saudi national

We are now offering a new package for business setup in KSA at just 40,000 SAR. This includes SAGIA/MISA Branch Approval + Virtual Office for One Year + Chamber Registration + Chamber Certificate + Branch Portal Registration With all KSA Ministries + Bank Account Opening.

For more details about this offer, please contact +971 55 607 0118 or +971 4 321 5227.

Most frequently asked questions for business set up in KSA

Q. Can I start a new business in KSA as an investor?

A. Yes, if you have an investor visa which costs 100,000 SAR yearly and you can start any type of professional services provider under this license.

Q. What are the business activities I can provide under MISA license?

A. Companies can have any type of professional services activities avoiding consultancy activities which are allowed only for Saudi nationals.

Q. Can I open a branch of trading activities in an existing company under SAGIA?

A. Yes but there are two major requirements you have to guarantee in order to get approval

• Your company must have 3 branches in 3 different countries

• Company must show 30 million SAR in one of KSA banks as an investment capital

Q. Is there any way to import and do trading activities in KSA?

A. Business link facilitates customers who are into trading activities by importing their products to KSA and delivering it to consumers or company representative offices located in KSA. We provide a full line of import, trading and distribution in all over KSA.

Q. What are the documents required to open a branch in KSA?

A. Company must be existing for more than a year before opening a branch and should provide below documents:

• Company commercial registration

• Company memorandum of association

• Company last year audit report

• Company board of directors

• Power of attorney to our KSA team

Business Link UAE is the one stop solution for your business formation. If you are planning to start your company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then we will be there for you to complete all the procedures for taking your business into the next level. Expand your business to KSA and grow your business!

For more details contact +971 55 607 0118 or mail