World Academy
Mahima Verma, CEO and Co–Founder Image Credit: Supplied

Jewellery is a luxury that is always fascinating. Even during crises, the value of jewellery and the desire to own beautiful pieces have never gone down. This is also a reason why jewellery designing has become such a lucrative career opportunity.

The Middle East has always been known as the hub of jewellery. People in the region are eternally on a quest to find new, unique, and stand-out designs. The World Academy of Design (WAOD) is a solution to the quest, teaching enthusiasts and zealous learners the art of carving out the world’s finest pieces from the comfort of their homes.

Started by Tarun Jain and Mahima Verma in Dubai, the World Academy of Design was launched with online courses due to the pandemic. With work from home becoming a reality, a lot of people have the time to re-evaluate their career choices, while some even have the luxury of following their passions. “The WAOD is a fully global online platform now and attracts international students to the UAE for a real-time experience in jewellery designing. After all, Dubai is famous for all things pretty,” says Jain, Founder and Managing Director of World Academy of Design.

The academy offers a range of courses such as Diploma in 3D designing on a multiple-award winning software called MATRIXGOLD, and a Certified Jewellery Professional (CJP) Diploma course (on campus) that includes the latest developments in diamond, coloured stones and retail jewellery domains.

“The jewellery business has taken a new dimension. Everyone should have professional training from industry experts to be successful in this business. Just being a professional, or an expert will not be enough to shine. It’s a great time to launch jewellery start-ups,” suggests Jain.

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