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What are the characteristics of an ASCS student? Resilience, resourceful, responsible, reflective, and ready to reason!

At the American School of Creative Science, a N.E.A.S.C candidate, our aim is to offer the very best of academic instruction, merging Ministry of Education Curriculum of Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies and Moral Education, with US Common Core Standards, along with a unique and rigorous Qur’an program, ensuring students develop a love for recitation and memorisation. Our curriculum is delivered in an environment that places a strong emphasis on strong moral values, ethos, and cultural traditions, hence our motto: Excellence rooted in values.

We have a lot of fun at ASCS; being a close-knit school community, filled with a sense of joy and enthusiasm for learning, without compromising on providing students with the skills necessary to be engaged, global citizens, who have a growth mindset. The learning environment at ASCS not only instills a sense of safety and security, but also fosters and develops independent learners, who take responsibility for their learning and know their next steps.

It is our diversified curriculum, in which we purposefully plan strong cross-curricular links, as well as plan for real-life scenarios, that brings learning to life: Quran enrichment program; Modelled reading & guided reading; Well- being lessons; Virtues curriculum; Virtual labs; STEM lessons; School-based activities such as ASCS Community Garden, ASCS Souk, Apollo 13 Challenges; Extra-curricular activities

As an Apple School, our teachers consciously work to embed the Apple Elements of Learning, throughout all lessons. We move beyond using technology as a substitution and is optimised as a learning tool, to enhance feedback, students’ response to feedback, foster teamwork and collaboration, develop their critical thinking, and ensure personalizstion of learning.

We cultivate assessment capable learners who can articulate their learning goals. Via Showbie not only do students have continual access to provided learning material and their portfolio of work, but they also have access to their own data, and detailed targeted National Agenda classes for TIMSS and PIRLS, enabling our students to be aware of how their time in school is helping them to contribute to the UAE National Agenda.

Our educators are reflective! Data is used to inform planning and measures impact with targeted intervention built into our timetable. Teachers regularly perform data analysis to determine each students’ unique learning gaps. These are targeted through personalised assignments provided via the online platform, MAP Skills Navigator, that re-teaches key skills and performs assessments, bridging gaps and identifying forthcoming targeted learning requirements.

At ASCS, you are part of a learning community where educators see learning through the eyes of their students and our students see themselves as their own teachers and leaders.