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When I get angry — and I do get angry because it’s a natural emotion — I go through different stages. For example, I take on too much stress about studies and work completion which leads me to get more angry.

Dealing with anger can be a challenge. It’s like a war between you and your emotions, as if they were two opposing entities.

I usually deal with anger through the following steps :

1) Self awareness: Self awareness is the ability to notice what you are thinking and feeling. As this can be hard to develop within you, I have to try being better at it. Many teens and even children are usually not aware of what they are feeling. When I have this intense emotion in me, I normally take a minute to see what I’m thinking and feeling and stop this emotion from getting the better of me.

2) Self control: Self control gives us a few seconds, as in 0.0001 seconds to think before you act. And in these seconds we have to be careful about what we are going to say. When I am angry, I normally use these seconds to control myself before my emotions can get me into trouble.

3) Meditation: Always the best medicine when you are angry. It is calming, brings peace. So normally when I am angry, I ask my mom to sit beside me and we both meditate in a calm environment.