Buscellen Pens Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Ministry of Economy has warned against the circulation of a “white weapon” taking the shape of a pen, called ‘Buscellen’, noting that it had coordinated with relevant authorities in the country to withdraw it from the market, if it exists, and to prevent its entry into the country.

The ministry also instructed shops to refrain from selling it immediately.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection at the Ministry, said: The ministry’s follow-up with social media and commodity recovery operations in the GCC countries revealed great concerns among parents in the region as a result of finding a white weapon in the form of a pen called ‘Buscellen’.

In a press statement in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, Al Nuaimi said that the ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, customs authorities and product agents in the country will take necessary measures to prevent its circulation. He called on consumers to report to authorities if they come across the pen by calling 600522225.

Al Nuaimi reaffirmed that the ministry’s inspectors have begun large-scale search campaigns in different parts of the country to ensure that Buscellen pens are not available and to withdraw them in case they are there.

Social media in a number of GCC countries has been circulating a warning about the spread of a white pen-shaped weapon.