I graduated in law in India in 2005 and worked as a junior lawyer for a year. Now I am no longer interested in a career in law. But I don't know what I want to do. I have developed an interest in human resources (HR) and have attended a four-day course in human resources training. I want to do an MBA, preferably only after finding a job. But would an MBA help me find a good job? What do you think are my career options? Please advise.
Donna, Abu Dhabi 

Before changing your job I would suggest you do a psychometric test. These tests are used to gauge mental ability, aptitude, personality and capacity to handle stress. The ‘ability' tests help determine how you perform tasks and the ‘personality' tests help understand how you interact with your environment and co-workers. An overwhelming majority of the large companies use these tests for selection and appraisal of staff.

Now to address your concern of doing an MBA. Many people use an MBA to switch careers, but this may not necessarily be suitable for every field. An MBA will definitely help, but do not let it not deter you from your immediate objective. Most professionals working in HR have a bachelor's and a master's degree. Several HR directors have a law degree and I am sure your legal background, with certification in HR, would help advance you in this field.

The possibility of studying for an MBA while working will depend on a host of external factors, such as work timings, cost, etc.

MBAs are a coveted postgraduate degree and can help you gain an advantage in a highly competitive work environment. The course touches on accounting, finance, management, operations and more. In the process of studying for the degree you will develop many skills and be given the opportunity to network. The hard skills you will gain are in the realm of economics, finance, etc. And the soft skills you will gain are in leadership, teamwork, communication etc. The programme also provides a perfect platform to network with other students, alumni and faculty.