Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps making the headlines.

Sure, it has made many lives easier and its rapid rise is all around to see.

Sayyida Rania | Grade 8, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai

Every day, we come across references to AI whether it’s in the way of Siri or reading about self-driving cars. Day by day, our lives are becoming more and more comfortable thanks to AI and thus most people think it’s a boon but is it?

It has the potential to help us achieve global goals if it is used at the intersection with other exponential technologies but what’s the catch?

We shouldn’t let AI develop a mind of its own and take over the world. Have you ever heard the terms ‘Robot Apocalypse’ and ‘AI Take-over’?

These are hypothetical scenarios in which AI dominates the world and takes control of Earth. This also means that there will be a robot uprising and it will dominate the entire human work force.

Where does that leave us?

Where will we work? Work is the main source of income for us humans and if AI takes over, we wouldn’t have any way to make a living. Moreover, is AI capable of giving care and concern the way humans can?

Imagine a psychologist without the emotional value.

It wouldn’t be a nice experience, would it? In order to understand people and give services like the way we do, AI-driven things must understand emotional concepts such as compassion and empathy.

Furthermore, human beings’ thinking abilities will eventually decline if they become overly dependent on AI. It will diminish the sense of creativity in our species. Artificial Intelligence could become a blessing but if misused, it could also become the bane of humanity.