DUBAI: The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) conducted a retreat for members of the Dubai International Communication Committee to discuss strategies for further enhancing Dubai’s reputation among global audiences and the media. Attendees at the event included senior officials from government and semi-government sectors that have a presence in international markets that are strategic to Dubai. The retreat analysed major issues that dominate global perceptions of Dubai. Attendees participated in a wide-ranging discussion on how to strengthen the city’s reputation. Mona Al Merri, Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office, said: “The retreat is the latest in our series of initiatives designed to support Dubai’s leading organisations in strategically managing their reputation as well as exploring ways to work closely together to enhance Dubai’s image.

“To build a solid reputation, we need to deeply understand how Dubai is currently perceived by international audiences. Dubai’s stories of vision, growth, inclusive development, diversity and tolerance deeply resonate with global audiences. We now have a great opportunity to further build on these positive perceptions in international markets.”