Mohammed Mubarak Al Mutaiwei, CEO of Dubai Municipality for Business Development Sector, along with delegates from Dubai Municipality, inaugurate the opening of Dubai Garden Glow on 7th October, 2018. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News Image Credit:

Dubai: Dubai Garden Glow, a unique visual experience in Zabeel Park, opened for its fourth season on Sunday. Besides the regular themes such as Ice Park, Glow Park and the Dinosaur Park, this year’s Garden Glow presents a new theme Art Park, set up using about 500,000 different types of recyclable glass vials, porcelain ware, plastic bottles and dishes and 1,000 CDs.

It took 60 days for 200 artists from around the world to create the gigantic installations that include a big raging bull, colourful swans, a king cobra, a panda, a peacock, all made up of tiny glass bottles; camels done with CDS and a huge elephant made of porcelain ware.

“Dubai is the leading commercial hub of the Middle East and the city’s tourism sector is growing every year,” said Mohammad Mubarak Al Mutaiwe’e, CEO of Dubai Municipality for Business Development Sector. “Dubai Municipality has been exerting its efforts to place the city of Dubai among the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. Through the last three seasons, Dubai Garden Glow has positioned itself as one of the world’s largest unique theme parks and popular family destination for residents. It is a unique example of Dubai Municipality collaboration with private sector through projects aimed at providing an unforgettable experience for the whole family, using advanced technology, innovation and creativity.”

Al Mutaiwe’e said the Dubai Garden Glow continues Dubai’s commitment towards providing innovative recreation to its residents and visitors of all ages and nationalities in a safe, secure and eco-friendly environment, using the best technology and talent the world has to offer.

“Dubai has always been in the forefront in sustainable practices,” he said. “Our partner knows how we put our efforts into environmentally friendly projects and have ensured that they work towards it.”

The Glow Park features the glowing safari taking everyone on a thrilling journey with ‘glowing animals’ all round. Other attractions include the Flower Valley, Glittering Butterfly Trail, Happy Forest, Peacock Tunnel, Big Rabbit, Happiness Tree, Happiness Street, Lady Butterfly, Mosquito Family, Lizard Family, Fish Tunnel and the City of Happiness.

You can walk along a stretch of 60-70 hearts and the Flavours of Arabia, which includes a giant traditional teapot. All structures at the Glow Park are handmade, and illuminated with about 10 million LED lights and yards of recycled gleaming fabric. It has been created by 500 artists from around the world in 100 days.

The Ice Park, which is still being worked on, is tastefully created with ice sculptures using about 5,000 tonnes of ice carved by 150 artists from around the world. It carries the theme of global warming and features illuminated ice sculptures at a temperature that is set at 8 degrees Celsius. The ice park will open sometime this week.

In addition, the Dinosaur Park will have more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs with new installations and additions. It also features a Dinosaur Lab to show the birth of baby dinosaurs, and a Dinosaur Museum to display replicas of dinosaur skeletons. It will also educate on how dinosaurs got extinct and how the era ended. The park also has a moving dinosaur, riding dinosaurs and more.

“Dubai Garden Glow is a result of our vision to promote sustainability and help showcase the world’s beauty to our younger generations,” said Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, CEO of Falak Holding.

While affirming that the new features added to Dubai Garden Glow will further help position Dubai as the top tourist destination of the world, Al Mutaiwe’e said, “We expect half a million visitors every year and this year we hope to break that record. Our partners have shown us over the years how innovative they are and what they can deliver to the residents and tourists as well.”


Dubai Garden Glow is open at Gate no. 6, Zaabeel Park, from 4pm to 12am.

The park is free for people of determination, those over 60 years of age and children under three.

Entry fee for the Dubai Garden Glow is Dh65 (including VAT). There is a separate entry fee of Dh45 to enjoy the Ice Park, where visitors will be provided special jackets to keep them warm in the low temperature inside.

For more details visit, www.dubaigardenglow.com