Sharjah car crash
Police retrieve both vehicles in the Al Khan area. Image Credit: Sharjah police

Sharjah: A driver died after his vehicle fell into the sea in the Al Khan area on Sunday night.

The police’s operations room received a call at around 11.24pm saying two vehicles had fallen into the water and the driver of one of the vehicles was still inside.

People present at the scene reported the incident to authorities, but could not save the driver’s life.

Maritime rescue teams, police patrols and ambulances rushed to the spot.

The two vehicles were retrieved from the water in record time; the recovered body was moved to a forensic laboratory for autopsy.

Police investigations revealed that driver whose body was retrieved was responsible for the accident; his vehicle had hit another and caused them both to veer off course.

Investigating officers found the accident occurred as the first car, which was parked on the coast’s edge, was hit from behind by the other vehicle. Both cars fell and sank in the sea water in Al Khan area (in the area facing the Sharjah Courts).

Police also discovered both vehicles were unlicensed.

Buhairah Police station is investigating further.

Sharjah Police warned motorists against parking their vehicles on the edge of sea docks or coastal sites that expose them to the danger of falling into the sea .

Police urged motorists to take precautions when driving near these areas as well.