Kittens for adoption
Belinda and her three kittens need a home. Image Credit: Supplied

It was late at night and Belinda, a heavily pregnant homeless cat, was brought to a vet in Dubai by a resident. The next day she delivered three fluffy, little kittens. But soon, the cat family of four is about to be homeless and a Dubai resident is adamant to find them a forever home.

Montserrat Martin, the founder of The Animal Project in Dubai, an animal welfare community group, is helping the foster parent of the cats find people who are willing to take the cats in.

“The cat was brought to a veterinary clinic we collaborate with and soon delivered three beautiful kittens, who are not around seven weeks old. The problem is, they will be homeless in about two weeks.”

The foster parent is relocating from the UAE, according to Martin, and the felines need a home. The calico cats are described to be “friendly” and would ideally like to stay in a home together. “We would ideally like a forever home for the cats, together. As they are four, they would need some space. We are also open to foster parents but that might get us in the same situation again,” Martin said.

She said that the cats will be microchipped and vaccinated before the adoption.

The Animal Project is a group based in Dubai that collaborates with veterinary clinics across the emirate and helps get sterilisation and treatments for stray animals.

“People usually call us and tell us that they have found an animal and what should they do with it. We help them connect to a vet and get discounts on treatments and sterilisation but we are not a shelter,” said Martin.

Currently, the group helps sterilise around 45 to 60 cats a week. “Per year we help sterilise 1,700 cats,” the Dubai resident added.

For those who want more information on adopting the cats, they can get in touch with the group on 050 7706711 or