190309 Traffic accident
A photo from the site of the accident. About 59 people died and 495 others injured in 438 traffic accidents in the UAE last year Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A traffic accident between four luxury vehicles at Mohammad bin Rashid Boulevard area was caused by a female driver, Dubai police said.

The Arab national driver came with high speed in a Porsche on Friday and crashed into a parked Mercedes on the side of the road which jumped forward and crashed into another two vehicles parked in front of it [A Mercedes and a Bentley].

In another strange accident on Saturday, a male driver, who wasn't paying attention to the road, diverted on Shaikh Zayed Road near Trade Center roundabout and hit the road's barrier.

Colonel Faisal Al Qasim, Director of Security Media Department at Dubai police, said that initital reports didnt confirm if the driver was distracted by his mobile phone.

"It was a minor accident with no injuries. We can't tell if the driver was busy with his mobile phone but there are evidence that he wasn't paying attention to the road," Col Al Qasim said.

With 59 people died and 495 others injured in 438 traffic accidents caused by motorists being distracted on the road in the UAE last year, Col Al Qasim believe that being distracted while driving by the mobile phone is the most danger traffic offence.

"Recently, some deadly accidents reported and reports revealed that the motorists didn't make a reaction, that mean they were fully distracted. It is like closing the eye while driving," he added.