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Abu Dhabi: Police arrested two men duirng the weekend for growing 37 marijuana plants at a farm in Al Ain.

Abu Dhabi Police said they initially received a tip-off that an Asian man was using a farm in Al Ain City to grow and distribute marijuana.

Operation Death Crop was launched by police, and verifying the information, discovered that two men were involved in promoting and distributing the narcotics.

Legal action was then taken to raid the farm, which subsequently led to the arrest of the two suspects.

Abu Dhabi Police continue to exert their efforts in tackling drug peddlers and the distribution of narcotics in the UAE.

Last June, Abu Dhabi Police seized arrested 12 men and seized 423kg of heroin and crystal meth capsules that were intended to be distributed across different parts of the country.

In May, Dubai Police arrested 16 people and seized 365 kg of drugs. The suspects smuggled heroin, hashish and crystal meth, which were worth around Dh280 million, inside vehicle spare parts.

Drug addicts

Article 43 of the Anti-Narcotic Law exempts drug addicts from legal punishment if they voluntarily hand themselves to police, or if their families or friends report them to police.

Addicts are also required to voluntarily hand over drugs in their possession to competent authorities. However, if addicts refuse treatment despite handing over the drugs, they will face legal action.

In 2016, Lt Gen Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, told the Federal National Council that drug addicts, both citizens and foreigners, who voluntarily turn themselves in and request treatment will face no criminal charges or deportation.

In 2018, over 104 young drug addicts were supported by Dubai Police’s programme called ‘Embrace’, compared to 79 addicts in 2017 and 50 addicts in 2016.

In 2017, the UAE established a rehabilitation centre in Dubai called ‘Erada’, meaning ‘will’, dedicated to treating and rehabilitating drug addicts with the aim of supporting the UAE’s general strategy and policy to combating drug addiction and increase community awareness about their harmful effects.