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Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a verdict against a man convicted of trespassing into a woman’s room and attempting to rape her, on Tuesday.

The 46-year-old Indian was sentenced by the Dubai Court of First Instance to six months in jail followed by deportation.

Prosecutors appealed for a harsher sentence, but the appeals court upheld the man’s initial jail term.

According to official records, the 32-year-old Indian victim woke up after midnight in July of last year when she saw the driving instructor in her bed at her home in Bur Dubai.

According to prosecution, the defendant was naked and attempted to rape the woman, before she tried to escape, but he dragged her back to the bed and ripped off her clothes. The woman managed to escape her attacker a second time, pushing and kicking him away before running outside the house to call her husband.

“The man used to teach me driving,” said the woman’s husband in official court records. “He arrived at my doorstep and offered me driving practice in his car. I took the car and left, but I didn’t think he would try to abuse my wife.”

The couple called the police and when the accused was apprehended, he admitted walking into the bedroom, but denied attempting to rape the woman.