Screen grab of child abuse case Abu Dhabi
Screen grab of video circulating online of child, Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a woman Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: The little girl at the centre of a viral abuse video, which circulated online on Wednesday showing her mother beating her, has been handed over to her father, according to sources close to her family.

The girl’s mother, originally from Philippines, was separated from the girl’s father, an Emirati, and allegedly sent the videos of her torturing her child to get revenge on her ex husband.

The woman was arrested in Abu Dhabi shortly after the videos went viral, Abu Dhabi Police announced via their Instagram page.

Authorities say the little girl is in good health, with psychological support having been given to her by the Children and Juveniles Section in the Social Support Centre of Abu Dhabi Police.

A court decision will determine who the child lives with long-term, in the meantime the mother’s case has been forwarded to prosecution.

Earlier The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority had condemned the crime, saying it contravened the morals of the country.

While the The Emirates Child Protection Association said, “There should be compulsory psychiatric examination for child custodians, in light of the high rate of divorce, to ensure that they are psychologically and mentally competent to take care and raise the children.”