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Procedures are underway to transfer the case for prosecution, police have said. Picture used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Fujairah: Fujairah Police on Monday announced they have arrested three girls after their dog attacked on a woman and her two children on Saturday.

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The Fujairah Police General Command was able to identify the three girls who were walking a dog on the beach. All procedures are being completed in preparation for the transfer of the case to the prosecution.

Mother’s account

Recounting the incident, Nadia Ahmad, the woman who was attacked by the dog, told Gulf News she had gone to Qadfa beach with her four children – Aya, 11; twins Ali and Fatma aged 6; and Abdul Aziz, a one year old. A maid was also with the family.

Aya Saeed Al Dhanhani and Ali Saeed Al Dhanhani
Aya (left) and Ali - the two siblings who were attacked by the dog Image Credit: Supplied

Around 4.40pm on Saturday, three girls arrived, walking a dog.

“The dog bit [Aya] on the thigh and began to pull her towards the sea. Then the dog attacked Ali,” Nadia said.

Nadia added that she was standing in front of a car when the incident happened and rushed towards her children. She said she started hitting the dog in a bid to free her daughter from its jaws.

“I was fighting with the dog.”

Then the dog attacked Ali, according to Nadia. Aya ran to the car with her brothers and the maid, and Nadia was also attacked by the dog, she said.

“No one on the beach tried to intervene, everyone was watching on as if it was a movie,” Nadia said.

A relative took the mother and her children to Khor Fakkan Hospital for treatment from the injuries sustained in the incident.