Dubai Court
The facade of the Dubai Court. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Three men were sentenced to one year in jail to be followed by deportation for forging official documents to get a credit card from a bank and illegally obtaining Dh62,045.

Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the two Indian men forged a salary certificate, belonging to a government entity, along with other official documents before presenting them to the bank and getting two credit cards with a Dh80,000 limit.

When the pair couldn’t make the payment using the card, the bank contacted the government entity which told them the certificate is fake.

The bank reported the incident to Dubai Police who arrested the 35-year-old Pakistani employee and the 39-year-old Indian cleaner while the third defendant, a 23-year-old Indian, is still at large.

“I was investigating the matter with a bank employee who conducted the transaction of the first defendant to get the credit card. We suspected the employee too,” a 41-year-old policeman said in official records.

The 39-year-old defendant claimed that his countryman was the one who applied for the credit card using his Emiratis ID.

“The defendant claimed that he borrowed Dh1,000 from his countryman and gave him his ID as guarantee. He claimed also that the defendant [who is at large] presented the ID with other forged documents to the bank to get the credit card,” the policeman added.

According to a bank official, the pair used the card for Dh62,045 and didn’t make the payment later.

The two Indian men were charged with forgery, using forged documents and illegally obtaining the credit cards. The Pakistani defendant was charged with criminal abetment.

They were sentenced to one year in jail and fined Dh62,045.