Dubai: A photographer was sentenced to five years in jail for raping a nurse when he visited the woman’s residence on the pretext of discussing to share an accommodation, a Dubai Court of First Instance ruled on Wednesday.

The 51-year-old British nurse was at her room alone when she heard a knock at the door in October 2017. The person knocking the door introduced himself as someone she knows, and the Briton opened the door but was surprised to see the 26-year-old Syrian photographer and his girlfriend, according to the records.

The Syrian entered the nurse’s room with his girlfriend to discuss sharing a villa accommodation at a cheaper rent. Following a quick discussion, the photographer spoke in Arabic to his girlfriend, who left the place.

The Syrian sat beside the Briton on her bed and made sexual advancements. Records said the man kissed and hugged the Briton and then pinned her down to her bed and raped her.

“When his girlfriend left the room, he told me that she was tired and went to sleep in his room. They had come to discuss whether we could move out and share a villa accommodation for a cheaper rent. He closed the door and stayed inside … I stood up and he came towards me. Then he asked me if I had a boyfriend. He pulled me and made me sit down on the bed, then hugged me. Then he kissed me and when I tried to push him away and resist him, he pinned me down and raped me. He left the room … I felt disgusted that I had been treated cheaply. I felt agitated and scared. I reported the matter to the police,” she told prosecutors.

Police apprehended the photographer shortly after the British woman lodged a complaint.

A police lieutenant, who questioned the suspect, told prosecutors that the 26-year-old told him that he had consensual sex with the Briton.

Prosecutors accused the Syrian defendant of raping the nurse in her bedroom.

The defendant denied the charges earlier but court found him guilty and ordered to deport him after serving his jail term.