crime scene
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Dubai: A gang of four men cut three toes off an Emirati man and assaulted his nephew over a heated argument, a Dubai court heard on Thursday.

The incident started when the 37-year-old victim received a call from the 32-year-old Emirati defendant, who asked him to meet to solve a dispute between the victim’s nephew and friends of the defendant.

“He said that his friends assaulted my nephew and asked me to come to his residence to settle the dispute. I went alone and saw the defendant with other members of his gang. They served me with tea and water as I called my nephew to come to settle the problem,” the victim said in official records.

The victim was angry when the 20-year-old Emirati nephew came and signs of physical assault were clear on his body.

“They start pushing me and the defendant held me from my neck. Others came and raised knives and physically assaulted me. They hit my head with a brick and held me while someone started cutting my toes until I fell unconscious,” the victim added.

The nephew testified that he had a fight in the Mirdif area with the 21-year-old Emirati man who is part of the defendant’s gang and chased him when he tried to escape.

They had a car chase and crossed red signals all the way from Mirdif to the Abu Hail area.

Later he received a call from his uncle to come and settle the dispute when he saw the defendant and other three men assaulting his uncle and cutting his toes.

He took his uncle to hospital to recover from his severe injuries.

Dubai Public Prosecution arrested the nephew, the defendant and three members of his gang.

The four defendants were charged with assaulting the uncle and causing permanent disability.

The nephew was charged with physically assaulting one of the defendants.

The trial has been adjourned until March 2.