20200714 dubai court
Dubai Courts Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: A Pakistani man has been sentenced to three months in jail for molesting an 11-year-old boy inside a supermarket.

The Dubai Court of First Instance ordered the deportation of the defendant after he had served his jail term,

According to official records, the 35-year-old Pakistani defendant abused the boy several times before the boy’s family reported the incident to Dubai Police.

The Pakistani student testified that he went to a supermarket at Al Refaa area in August 2020, when the defendant told him that he knew him as a child and had not seen him for a long time. “He told me that he will pay for my purchases and asked for my phone number. I was surprised when he molested me,” the boy testified, according to official records.

The defendant touched the boy’s back three times, following which the boy ran to his mother and alerted her. She asked him to stay away from the defendant if he ever saw him again. After a week, the boy was told to bring breakfast from a nearby restaurant when he saw the defendant standing in front of his residence and waving at him. “I went inside the building for 10 minutes but when I came out, the man was still standing there. I told one of the building’s residents about what happened and he alerted my father.”

The Indian resident said that he took a picture of the defendant and sent it to the boy’s relative. “I saw the defendant again after two hours and the boy’s relative caught the defendant and alerted Dubai Police,” the Indian witness said in records.