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Visiting cards offering massage services on the windshield of a car in Dubai - picture for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Photo Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: A Dubai sales manager who went to a massage centre was beaten up by his masseuse and three others when he asked for his money back after discovering that it was a brothel, the Dubai Court of First Instance court heard on Wednesday.

According to official records, the 45-year-old Algerian man was suffering from back pain and was advised to have massage therapy. So he went to a massage centre at Al Refaa area in September 2019.

He said he met the defendant from Vietnam who escorted him inside the centre and asked him to pay Dh400 for a massage session.

“I took off my clothes and searched for a massage towel but I found nothing. A woman came and asked me to lay on my stomach. I asked for the towel and she asked me to stay naked. Later I saw her wearing revealing clothes and asked me if I want to have a sexual affair with her,” the Algerian man said.

He said he rejected the offer and told her that he had come there only for a massage.

“I opened the door and asked the man who brought me to the centre to return the money as I came for a decent massage session, not for sex,” the man added.

The defendant refused to return the money and the victim threatened to call the police.

“He took my phone and assaulted me with another man who had a metal bar. The two men with two women physically assaulted me and pushed me outside the centre,” the victim said.

He called Dubai Police who arrested the four defendants from Vietnam.

A medical report revealed that the victim’s eye was injured and he suffered 15 per cent permanent disability.

The two men admitted to assaulting the victim and that the two women were working as prostitutes.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the group with physically assault. The two male defendants were charged with running a brothel while the two female defendants were charged with practising prostitution.

The verdict in the case is expected on February 9.