Dubai: A man has been accused of sneaking into his sister-in-law’s bedroom through the window and attempting to abuse her sexually, a court heard on Tuesday.

The Emirati sister-in-law was in her bedroom when the 29-year-old Emirati came in through the window and started chatting with her about her problems with her sister [his wife] at 4am in July.

The man then pushed his married sister-in-law on the bed, removed her clothes and started to abuse her. The woman pushed him off, kicked him hard and locked herself inside the washroom. After a few minutes, she came out and when she realised that the 29-year-old man had gone, she reported the matter to her husband and then called the police.

Police arrested the 29-year-old Emirati.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of attempting to abuse his wife’s sister sexually and sneaking into her bedroom.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and refuted his accusations when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

His lawyer asked presiding judge Mohammad Jamal to hear the woman’s statement when the court reconvenes on October 28.

The sister-in-law claimed to prosecutors that the suspect sneaked into her bedroom at 4am through the window.

“He opened the window and came in. First, he started talking about my problems with my sister [his wife]. Then he grabbed my hand and covered my mouth with his other hand … he pushed me down on the bed. He lifted up my shirt and started touching me, but I pushed him off quickly and kicked him. Then I jumped off the bed and hid inside the bathroom. When I came out, he was gone,” she testified to prosecutors.

The woman’s husband claimed to prosecutors that his wife called him when he was in Thailand and told him what had allegedly happened.