Sharjah:  A housemaid and her boyfriend will be lashed 100 times each, jailed and deported for committing adultery, according to a court ruling.

The Sharjah Sharia Court ordered the lashing of N.M., a Filipina housemaid, 100 times and her deportation for unlawful sex.

The court also sentenced her Bangladeshi boyfriend, S.M., to be lashed 100 times for adultery and jailed one year for entering the house of the sponsor without permission. S.M. will be deported after serving his sentence.

According to court papers, N.M. had sex with her boyfriend in her sponsor's house in Sharjah.

N.M. brought her boyfriend to her sponsor's house each time the family was not at home, but according to police N.M.'s sponsor saw M.M. while leaving the house.


Police said that N.M.'s sponsor informed police who arrested them both and they admitted to the crime.

N.M. told police, the prosecutor and the court that she used to bring her boyfriend to the house whenever the family was out.

N.M. and M.M. admitted having sex several times in the sponsor's house.

According to Sharia law if Muslims commit adultery they will be lashed and deported if they are expatriates.

If non-Muslims commit adultery they will be jailed and deported.

And because N.M. and M.M. are both Muslims they will each be lashed 100 times.